Sookkyung Park established an Arts & Crafts studio in 1982 and maintained the studio for 25 years in South Korea. In 2011, she emigrated in her age 50's and received a B.A. in Studio Arts from University of Maryland, College Park in 2016. After graduating, she joined the HMAA GW (Han-Mee Artists Association of the Great Washington DC). She participated in several regional and international juried exhibitions. Her works have been featured in many publications, including The Washington Post, East City Art, Bmore Art, MAP, WSG news, AA&CC, Maryland State Arts Council and etc. As Sookkyung continued to ponder the concept that could do best and was familiar with, she found out that it was a paper. This is because she had been working on paper-related works for 25 years. As soon as she realized this again, her heart began to overflow with overwhelming emotions that she didn't know. In 2019, to further develop this concept, she decided to apply to TU MFA Program. Sookkyung continues to have a broader perspective on paper while exploring the harmony between origami and bamboo and traditional paper as well. 

As a result of this, she was awarded the Best Award twice from the CAGO for 3-D Category Part in 2020 and 2021.

Sookkyung is currently the Member of Washington Sculptors Group, Vice President of the HMAA GW and TU MFA Candidate.