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Artist Statement

In my works, I express the inspiration I get from encountering nature, the emotions felt in the field of accidental life, and the old memories kept in my heart. I believe that our society is harmonious because people are different with individual dignities, which is one of the philosophies of life. I was born and raised in the divided country of Korea where I desperately dreamed of a peaceful society. My ideology manifest in my artistic practice through form, color, shape, similarity, difference, harmony and complexity.


I use paper as the primary medium in my sculptures. Paper was said to be invented in ancient China and introduced into Korea around the 3rd century and has been a familiar material to Koreans for a long time. I spent much of my childhood folding paper, making kites, and flying them in the sky. I lived in a house where the windows and the floors of the rooms were made of paper. As such, paper has rich personal and cultural connections for me. During the pandemic period, I folded nearly 10,000 pieces of paper to relieve anxiety and gain peace of mind. Folding numerous papers naturally made me think of my identity and culture.

In my current body of works, I explore the topic of connection between people by folding hundreds of small pieces of paper that are bound tightly with thread creating a connected and unified structure. There is a cultural tradition of thinking that threads are a medium that connects people. In order to express this theme, various materials of paper are selected, and the characteristic softness is emphasized to create a single shape. I express the harmony of community through the papers, colors and structural forms. In addition, paper is a material that has both softness and strength. It is my point of view to use these material characteristics of paper to express ideas and philosophies realized beyond nature, people, and culture. 

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