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Artist Statement

In my artistic work, I immerse myself in a deeply personal and reflective exploration of the human experience. Drawing inspiration from the primal beauty of nature, the subtle emotions of life's serendipitous moments, and the precious memories stored deep within my heart, I create art that weaves these elements into a vivid tapestry of my inner world. Growing up in the divided land of Korea, where I longed for peace and unity, shaped my philosophy that celebrates diversity and individual dignity. My art symbolically expresses similarity and difference, harmony and complexity through form, color, shape, and texture. This work goes beyond visual representation, reflecting a philosophical inquiry into a world where diversity is celebrated, peace transcends division, and every individual's story contributes to the symphony of human existence.


In my artistic practice, I delve into the profound theme of human interconnectedness, employing the delicate yet potent medium of paper. Each artwork is a symphony of innumerable small paper fragments, meticulously folded and tightly bound with thread, culminating in a harmonious and cohesive structure. This technique is rooted in a cultural ethos that perceives threads as a symbolic conduit of human bonds, weaving together individual stories and experiences.


I meticulously select diverse paper materials, celebrating their inherent softness, which paradoxically embodies both vulnerability and resilience. This careful curation of paper is pivotal in sculpting singular forms that serve as metaphors for unity amidst diversity. The fusion of varying papers, hues, and structural designs in my work is not just an aesthetic choice but a deliberate attempt to manifest the essence of community – a tapestry of individualities harmoniously coexisting.

Moreover, paper, in its dichotomy of gentleness and strength, becomes a canvas for my philosophical explorations. It transcends its physicality to become a metaphor for the complex nature of human existence – our fragility, our endurance, and our profound connections to nature, society, and culture. My art is not merely an expression of concepts; it is an invitation to ponder the deeper, often unspoken narratives that bind us all, revealing the invisible threads that interlace our collective human spirit.

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